Resolve your Debt for Less
You decide how much to pay
Affordably resolve debt on your own without
hiring a professional service.
UGotiate = U + Negotiate
Offer low payments or a settlement
without speaking with your creditors
Automatic alerts when it’s time to consider an offer. Check out recent successful offers. Decide how much and UGotiate presents your offer to the creditor.
I am a UGotiator
I can resolve my debt and it doesn’t cost a lot
UGotiate helps me every step of the way. It’s like having a skilled negotiator in my corner.
What You Get
  • Tools to resolve debt
  • Guidance every step
  • Make offers to creditors
  • Become debt free!
Try Free!
Why UGotiate?
Resolve your debt for less
  • You decide what to pay back creditors
  • No high cost service fee
  • No fear of collection calls from now on
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